Feel the pleasure of taste from the sweets and ice-cream of Taj Al Moulouk as a result of collaboration between the best natural components with our long experience of making Middle Eastern sweets. We have developed all kinds of Middle Eastern sweets in order to give you better taste, better quality and a variety of taste while reserving the genuine tradition. We have tried and always trying our best to keep our products the best within local and international markets. Our goal is always to satisfy our clients and gain their precious trust. In our branch in Lebanon, we represent the first machinery factory to produce sweets and Italian ice-cream that is never touched by hands.

Our ice-cream has the specialty of forty natural flavor in addition to the splendid Gateau Classé and chocolate.

Our branch in Lebanon is located at the capital Beirut at Bliss street which is one of the most important and ancient streets.

We have always been and still classified by the ministry of tourism as FOUR STARS - Class A (Excellent Degree)

Taj Al Moulouk has earned many classifications and certificates as follows:

       - Health Certificate

       - Classified FOUR STARS - Class A by the ministry of tourism

       - Certified as one of the Classified Pastries

       - Certified by the ministry of economy and industry

       - Certified by the chamber of industry and economy

       - Certified from the ministry of tourism

       - Certified from the Boeker Company for good quality and supervision

       - We offer to export our sweets outside of Lebanon